First Post: What This Blog Presumes You Know

Greetings and welcome to all who alight here,

(or should that be a more Dante-esque style of greeting? As in "Abandon hope..."? We shall see.)

I am presuming that you've come here because you're relatively new to SharePoint development, like myself, and are interested in some of the tips, tricks, or various truths I've unearthed through my unscientific foray of the terrain. There are a couple of things I will presume you're familiar with, namely:

1. That .NET is not an item in which to catch .FISH;

2. That SharePoint (TM) does not refer to a borrowed ballpoint pen;

3. That C# is not just the key to a rather nice waltz by Chopin but also a rather clumsily named programming language;

4. That Object Orientation does not entail staring at and taking delight in various body parts of people one finds attractive. Well, it might, but not during the hours when one is customarily at work and may google hit this page, thank you very much!

I finally decided it was time to write this blog after a day spent fruitlessly trying to run a piece of code that would not work in spite of my obeying every rule in the book and even propitiating a fatted calf in its honour. Man, it stank out the office. But moving along swiftly - I want to put my pain down here to minimise yours - and welcome you around the fascinating ways of this piece of software. I am not pretending to be an expert in any way, shape or form. And my methods of programming will not appeal to everyone, especially people who are guilty of the sin of "galloping elegance" and want a purpose and a meaning for everything. But I hope maybe I can assist at least one other person and that would make me happy!